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Academic Tutoring

At Seton Catholic Schools, we understand that every child is unique and that all students learn differently. For some, schoolwork comes naturally and classroom instruction is the perfect amount of guidance to prepare them for high school and beyond. However, others may struggle with certain subjects – or need a little extra help catching up.

Seton is here to make sure that every student gets the attention and support essential for their academic, and future, success.

To provide this support, tutoring is available at every school. And as every child is unique, we also understand that every school is too. One size does not fit all, so we offer a different configuration of tutoring options at every Seton Catholic School.

Some schools have specialized staff that work with students individually or in small groups. This staff is specially trained to help improve students’ reading, mathematics, and English skills. At other schools, teachers rotate and stay after school to run “homework clubs” that provide relaxed tutoring for middle school students.

Many Seton Catholic Schools partner with specialized community organizations to provide students with external support. In these situations, students have the opportunity for additional tutoring from organizations like Milwaukee Succeeds, Reading Corps, and Catapult Learning. Often the programs offer individual and small group instruction in subjects like math and reading.

For students who are excelling in their coursework, several of our schools partner with area high schools, like St. Thomas More and Catholic Memorial, for extended studies in subjects like Math and English. Through these programs, students are able to study high-school level academics where they excel and still have support at their grade level at a Seton Catholic School.

Whether a student needs help with reading or math, struggles to pay attention in class, or needs an extra challenge, we have options.

At Seton Catholic Schools, every child is important, every child can learn, and every child will achieve.

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