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Safeguarding All of God’s Family. Safe Schools in Milwaukee.

Safeguarding All of God’s Family, an Archdiocesan program, is founded on the Catholic teaching that all people must be respected as individuals, and are made in the image and likeness of God. Safe schools are crucial to this mission.

The program was created to protect all in the church family, especially children, from sexual abuse and related dangers. The results of the program have achieved expectations in raising awareness about the gravity of child sexual abuse and educating participants on steps to be taken to prevent such abuse.

At Seton Catholic Schools we take very seriously our commitment to the safety of all our children and the fostering of safe environments. Adhering to the Code of Ethical Standards set forth by the Archdiocese is required of all school and parish employees. All are required, as well, to participate in “Protecting God’s Children” training and continuing education.

Any volunteers who will be in contact with children, including parents and family members, are required to participate in Safeguarding All of God’s Family training. (Even those who chaperone field trips must complete the training.) All volunteers are trained and held to a similar Code of Ethical Standards as school and parish employees.

The program protocols set in place by the Archdiocese are followed by every Seton Catholic School. We firmly believe that our schools must be safe spaces for all children. Our schools are crime-free and violence-free zones. Period.

children reading in a safe learning environment