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Two students at St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
St. Thomas Aquinas Academy girl students smiling
St. Thomas Aquinas Academy elementary school student posing

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is a vibrant Catholic learning community, focused on empowering future leaders for lifelong stewardship through an academically challenging and faith-centered environment. At St. Thomas Aquinas, they are preparing students for their futures both here on earth and in heaven.

Teachers and staff collaborate to engage students in child-centered, Christian classrooms dedicated to individualized spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and psychological growth.

They offer a rigorous and relevant academic curriculum that promotes student success. Beyond core studies, students receive instruction in technology, foreign language, physical development, music, and art.

Students are encouraged and nurtured to perform at their personal best by utilizing a strong core curriculum that is values-driven and standards-based. Catholic values are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. The entire St. Thomas Aquinas community, teachers, staff and students, live their Catholic faith daily — in lessons, actions, and by example.

Encouraging personal responsibility and leadership among students is a priority at St. Thomas Aquinas. The school promotes and offers generous opportunities to provide service to the community. Ultimately, students recognize their call to be a light to the world. They become leaders who bring Christian morals and values to the society in which they live.

Logo of St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, Milwaukee

341 E Norwich St.
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Frank Edgeworth, Principal

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“Go Baby Go”

An initiative to create altered
“modes to get around” for
kids with mobility challenges

Learning Catholic Faith

Priests and Deacons
regularly teach in
the classrooms — at all grade levels

Student Leadership

Staff prioritizes student leadership and self responsibility through student council and peer mediator programs

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is where
students go for a vibrant Catholic education
that prepares them to be future leaders
and lifelong stewards.

Students at St. Thomas Aquinas are instructed through a rigorous academic curriculum that prioritizes their achievement and success. In the classroom, students are challenged to think critically about their lessons and how it tangentially relates to the Catholic faith. Students receive instruction in core curriculum subjects, as well as engineering, art, music, technology, and foreign language.

In alignment with the Wisconsin Department of Instruction standards, the curriculum follows the Archdiocese of Milwaukee guidelines and new Seton Catholic Schools enhancements.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is a place for students K4-8th grade to learn and grow in mind, body, and spirit. The staff and experienced teachers engage students in the classroom by modifying teaching styles to accommodate student learning styles.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is a Catholic school dedicated to educating the entire child.

Students learn about their faith both in and outside the classroom at St. Thomas Aquinas. Priests and deacons from the six supporting parishes of the school are regularly in classrooms as supplementary instructors for religion classes.

Staff and teachers lead students through daily prayer and religious instruction, as well as weekly mass, and special prayer services and service projects. Students are expected to treat each other in the Christian way, and teachers model this through their instruction and behavior.

Students are encouraged to view all courses in the curriculum through a Catholic lens.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is extremely active in preparing students for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Staff and teachers understand that preparing leaders for these growing, critical fields is extremely important for the future success of its students and the city. There are numerous opportunities for students to be introduced to the wonders of engineering at all grade levels.

For the youngest learners, Let’s Build It! Engineering is an interactive after school program for first through fourth grade students. Engineering Club is offered after school for fifth and sixth grade students. Seventh and eighth graders explore the field and see its practical applications through both the Project Lead The Way and Go Baby Go! programs.

Beyond the time devoted to curriculum instruction, students participate in a number of service projects and are members of a STAA (St. Thomas Aquinas Academy) Family.

Every “family” consists of children from each grade level, and the “families” participate in monthly activities on a theme or holiday, allowing older students to work with and mentor younger students.

Outside the classroom, students can participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities that challenge their mental, social, and physical development. St. Thomas Aquinas offers three sports, several levels of engineering clubs, drama and art clubs, girl and boy scouts, and more.

Students and their families are actively representing St. Thomas Aquinas in the greater community with booths at farmer’s markets and at events like “Chill on the Hill.”

Fast Facts

  • Participant in Milwaukee Parental Choice Program
  • Before and After School Care
  • 4 engineering clubs and programs for students
  • 6 supporting parishes
  • 19 students in Student Council
  • School Colors:  Green and Silver
  • School Mascot:  Archangel
  • Students attend Mass weekly and prayer service monthly
  • Athletics:  Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Extracurriculars:  Boy and Girl Scouts, Chess Club, Geography Club, Student Council, Arts and Crafts Club, Drama Club, School Play, and Engineering Club
  • “Kinder Camps” are held during summer for preschoolers to introduce them to the school

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