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Students at St. Martin of Tours, Milwaukee Elementary School, smiling
choir children at St. Martin Catholic Elementary School
Two St. Martin of Tours elementary school children reading together

St. Martin of Tours

Embracing diversity is celebrated at St. Martin of Tours — a school that boasts a student body of nearly a dozen different races and nationalities. The school community is a microcosm of our world and one that prepares students for big success in it.

St. Martin of Tours prioritizes individualized student learning and small class sizes. Staff and high-credentialed teachers are dedicated to each and every student’s development with an eye to enable the child to achieve their full potential.

It’s a “Learning without Limits” academic approach which applies Catholic Christian principles to everything they do.

Parents choose St. Martin of Tours because of its rigorous academic program and safe, nurturing environment; students are never just a test score or enrollment number, but valued as made in God’s own image.

All faiths are warmly welcomed at St. Martin of Tours. The school community is close-knit and has created a place where high academic standards coexist with a commitment to excellence and care for a child’s educational, moral and spiritual development.

St. Martin of Tours, with its rich history of educating youth for over 160 years, is committed to delivering a high-quality learning experience to prepare students for life in the 21st century.

7933 S. 116th St.
Franklin, WI 53132

Robert Beckmann, Principal

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Paired Teaching Style

Teachers instruct students in paired grades, allowing for maximum curriculum diversity and making for an environment where students can learn from their peers.

Incredible Diversity

With students from nearly a dozen different races and nationalities, students get a unique opportunity to learn about themselves and develop a deeper understanding of others.

Parish Community Support

300 parishioners
attended the
school sponsored Breakfast
with Santa.

St. Martin of Tours is growing future scholars
and leaders through faith and academic development
in a close-knit, diverse community.

St. Martin of Tours was founded to provide a rigorous education in a caring environment committed to Christian principles. By blending the old (proven teaching techniques) with the new (interactive whiteboard technology in every classroom), staff and teachers emphasize communication and critical thinking skills.

The school community is committed to classrooms where teachers present the core courses of phonics, reading, grammar, literature, math, history, geography, and science — and then go above the Common Core with instruction in technology, art, music, physical education, and foreign language.

Teachers craft individualized learning plans for each student. In alignment with the Wisconsin Department of Instruction standards, the curriculum follows the Archdiocese of Milwaukee guidelines and new Seton Catholic Schools enhancements.

St. Martin of Tours nurtures each student in a personalized approach to educational growth and their spiritual journey.

Students learn about the Catholic Christian faith in the classroom and demonstrate its values in the outside world. Staff and teachers lead students through daily prayer and religious instruction, as well as twice weekly Mass, and special prayer services. Students serve as ministers of hospitality, readers, cantors, and choir members during the school Masses.

Students are expected to treat each other in the Catholic Christian way, and teachers model this through their instruction and behavior.

Embracing a “Learning without Limits” approach to individual learning means students are provided with expanded opportunities to engage in meaningful activities appropriate to their interests and strengths.

Students learn in a continuum moving from easier to more difficult material and from simple to more complex strategies at their own pace, making continuous progress. Instruction and resources for gifted learners are available to students in all grades.

St. Martin of Tours’s academic and spiritual educational approach prepares students for success in high school and beyond. Its diverse environment prepares students for the joys and challenges of living and thriving in a multicultural, ever-changing world.

To demonstrate success in social, emotional and spiritual development — and to apply classroom learnings — St. Martin of Tours students are encouraged to take part in athletics and extracurricular activities.

A recently built, well-equipped gym and spacious outdoor practice fields are home to the St. Martin of Tours Firebirds. Four organized sports programs are available for students including soccer, volleyball, basketball and track.  Soccer participation starts in K5.

St. Martin of Tours prides itself in offering extracurricular activities for all. Students have the opportunity to enjoy Boy or Girl Scouts and as students age, they can participate in Student Council, Band, Orchestra, and Choir.

Fast Facts

  • Participant in both Wisconsin and Milwaukee Parental Choice Programs
  • 12:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
  • Award winning middle school
  • After School Care
  • Future Cities Engineering Competition
  • Students attend Mass twice weekly
  • School Mascot:  Firebirds
  • Athletics:  Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field
  • Extracurriculars:  Boy and Girl Scouts, Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Choir
  • Speech development services are provided through the Franklin school district

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