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Catholic Formation

Visit one of our Seton Catholic Schools, and you will feel the Catholic faith alive and thriving. Every school environment is unique, but all of our schools are in touch with the Catholic faith.

Whether it’s shoutouts for acts of kindness at Northwest Catholic School, “Walking in the footsteps of CHRIST” at St. Catherine, or “Living, Loving, and Learning our Faith Together with Jesus” at Divine Mercy, our schools — and their students and staff — are dedicated to creating school environments based on mutual respect and Gospel values.

Catholic Formation - School Prayer

Practicing Our Faith

Faith is truly part of everything we do. Christ’s teachings permeate the culture of our schools.

Parents choose to join our school communities because we instill strong moral character in our students.

Students and teachers begin and end each day with prayer and attend either weekly Mass or prayer service. With teachers as role models and guides, our students are taught not only the history and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church but how to live out that faith.

Just like St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s care and service extended beyond those in her faith community, we welcome and accept students of all faith backgrounds.

Living Our Faith

Our students, families, teachers, and staff are spreading Christ’s Gospel message through their actions in the community.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton spent her life in service to others, and our schools strive to emulate this lifestyle.

Many of our students participate in a wide variety of community service projects: food drives, Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart, the PB&J Challenge, Luz Para Educacion, and more! Plus each Seton Catholic School sponsors its own family and community events throughout the year from Spaghetti Dinners to Family Fun Nights.

Through service and outreach to their community, our schools are creating a brighter tomorrow for their neighborhoods — and the greater Milwaukee area.