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Enroll Your Child

Enrollment Process

Thank you for choosing Seton Catholic Schools!

Our Seton Catholic Schools enroll students at any time during the year. Contact the school you are interested in to begin the enrollment process!

Find a School
In this rapidly changing world, it’s never too early to ensure your child’s bright future with a quality Catholic education. Many of our schools offer early childhood programs to set your child on a path to success.
Your Seton Catholic School will be excited to meet you and your child! Make sure to bring along the student’s previous academic records when enrolling.
Seton Catholic Schools is transforming what education looks like for the 21st century. Come see for yourself what makes our schools great!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Seton Catholic School

1. Safe, nurturing environment. In addition to being violence-free zones, our schools take into account the needs of every child. Through specialty programs, we ensure that students receive the attention and support they need to feel safe to express themselves and grow.

2. Strong academics. Seton Catholic Schools is enhancing the academic programs and focused on improved student performance in our schools. Students who struggle are rising to meet and exceed grade-level proficiencies. Students who excel are challenged.

3. Dedicated and caring teachers. Teaching at a Seton Catholic School is more than a job – it is a vocation. Staff members are invested in the success of their students.

4. Individualized attention. Our schools boast small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratios. Academic services are available when a student needs additional support.

5. Community of faith. Learning about God and our faith is woven into everyday activities in our schools. Teachers encourage students to live out the faith, and students engage with members of the community during weekly Masses and service projects.

How to Begin

Learn about each of the Seton Catholic Schools.

Explore each school’s website. There you’ll find information about the curriculum, teachers, and types of programs offered.

Find out more about the school environment.

Check out each school’s social media pages to gain a sense of their unique classroom culture or access information about attending a school event.

Visit the school!

Contact the school office to set up a tour tour and see the school in action. Ask the questions on our Tour page. Have your child shadow for a day to get to know what the school is like.

Explore the Parental Choice Programs.

Discover if your family is eligible to participate.

Talk with current parents.

See what they have to say about the school and why it’s a good fit for their families.