Chasing Dreams

At Seton Catholic Schools, we aim to build students’ minds, bodies and spirits to equip them for their future, while helping them to reach their fullest God-given potential. This summer, 30 girls from Prince of Peace School took their learning outside of the classroom and to the streets for a lesson in self-confidence and healthy choices while preparing for a 5K with Girls on the Run.  Girls on the Run empowers girls to break free from barriers, embrace differences and boldly pursue their dreams. Girls on the Run fosters this objective by giving young girls the physical, mental and spiritual capacities to help them conquer a 5K.

Over 1,200 girls in Milwaukee participated in the program this year, including the girls from Prince of Peace School. Teachers from the school, including, Joal Clohisy, Hannah Morin, Jenny Wood, Jean Berens and Linda Gygax, served as volunteer coaches. They led the girls through a ten-week training, during which the girls practiced twice a week, engaged in a culture of inclusion and embraced differences to become more connected as a group striving for the same goal.  Staff at Prince of Peace were all in for these girls, teaching them an important life skill while modeling one of the Seton Catholic Schools Shared Values.

During the culminating 5K at Miller Park, family members showed up to cheer on or run with their daughters.  Over 15 school staff participated in the 5K as running buddies for the team. Joal Clohisy described the experience as a collaborative effort, “It was truly an experience where the Prince of Peace community, families, students and teachers, came together to be all in for our girls.”