Finding my Home at Northwest Catholic School

Taylor Smith, Northwest Catholic School Teacher

As a first-year teacher, I am so happy to have found a new home at Northwest Catholic School and the Seton Catholic Schools network. The transition to leading my own classroom has had its ups and downs, as I’m sure any new teacher experiences. However, Seton and my school team have provided significant support and guidance.

Staff across the network go the extra mile to ensure that I have the resources I need and allow me to make incredible strides in the things that are happening in my classroom. Coaches and my school leaders visit my room throughout the week providing insight to what’s going well and areas in which I can improve my practice. They are also “all in” in my development, assisting me in every way imaginable. This commitment to professional growth demonstrates the big things that are happening at Seton Catholic Schools.

“Never Work a Day in Your Life”

 Like many of us, I always wanted to be a teacher. But because my family runs a small business, I never thought I’d actually lead a classroom. Fast forward to college: I was studying business and playing soccer at Marquette University when I started volunteering and coaching in Milwaukee Public Schools. These opportunities opened my eyes that business was not something I was passionate about. My passion lies with working with kids. Teaching the sport and witnessing the joy that comes from learning had me hooked.

After multiple conversations with family and friends, I began to give a career in education serious thought. My decision to switch majors was affirmed when my dad told me, “Taylor, I wake up every morning and going to work for me isn’t like going to work. You want to wake up every day and do something you love. If you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Sold. Bye business. Hello teaching.

Teaching in a Catholic Community

 I attended a Catholic high school in Minnesota and completed my student teaching at a Catholic elementary and middle school in Milwaukee. These experiences demonstrated to me the importance of being in an educational community with shared beliefs and values. I knew I needed to work in a faith-based school. Seton and its core values of Community, Justice, Joy, Service, Transformation and All In, along with its roots in Catholicism, proved to be the fit I was looking for.

Every single day my colleagues and I have the opportunity to express our faith together. We are able to teach about Jesus and Christianity to our curious students. We are able to demonstrate what it looks like to live virtuously and in accordance with Christian values. We are able to join together in prayer and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Seton is all about finding the “right fit.” It says a lot that all Seton teachers choose to be a part of this mission just as much as Seton chooses us.