Seton thanks outstanding school volunteers

On June 21, 2017, Seton recognized the hard work of teachers, support staff and volunteers throughout our network. The award ceremony was held to shine light on members of our community who went above and beyond to inspire students, families and colleagues.

Volunteer of the Year is recognition of those who give their own time to help the Seton community in any way that they can. All of our honorees were nominated by school faculty.

Debbie Barney, St. Martin of Tours School

Debbie started volunteering in the St. Martin of Tours lunch room when her daughter was in the first grade. Throughout the years, Debbie was always described as a “go to” person whenever an extra hand was needed. Even though her daughter has graduated, Debbie still volunteers every week. The school team continues to be amazed at how capable and dependable she has been in her many years of service. Debbie’s caring commitment to St. Martin of Tours has been a great help to the school’s students and staff.

Lisa Moore, Kristen Boeck, Tammy Fleming and Nicole Villwock, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy implemented many new instructional strategies and activities this year and some outside support was invaluable in making this transition smooth for teachers. Lisa, Kristen, Tammy and Nicole stepped in to prepare and laminate new classroom resources. They would also help with lunch and recess duties when other parents were unavailable. The group also ensured the school hallways were always decorated with vibrant art and other student work. The St. Thomas Aquinas Academy staff has described this group’s efforts as above and beyond anything they could have asked for.

Jan Holzhauer, St. Catherine School

Jan is a volunteer tutor who works individually with students in need of reading assistance. She always gets to know each student personally and is very popular among the children and teachers she works with. Jan is great at developing reading exercises and reporting back to the teachers about how each student performed. On top of her flexible schedule working with students, Jan also displays her Catholic values through her service to the students of St. Catherine.

Rose Hurley, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

Rose Hurley is a volunteer library assistant who continues to prove that age is just a number. Even at the age of 90, Rose continues to share her love of reading with the students of St. Thomas Aquinas Academy. From hand-writing card catalogues, helping students check out books, and even teaching first graders how to write their own names, Rose has gone to great lengths to help her school. Rose also supports our students and school by attending games, concerts and weekly Mass. She is perhaps the most popular person in the school and we are honored to recognize her this year her last as a volunteer.