Seton Catholic Schools proud to graduate over 200 future leaders

This month we celebrated the achievements of over 200 eighth graders as they graduated from their parish school and began the transition to high school. Our graduates plan to attend a diverse set of high schools throughout Greater Milwaukee—most of which outperform the metro average for student achievement and college placement. Principals and guidance counselors worked closely with families to navigate the admissions process over the last year.

The top five high schools Seton Catholic Schools graduates plan to attend next year are:

  1. Thomas More High School (25 Students)
  2. Messmer High School (19)
  3. Pius XI High School (14)
  4. Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (13)
  5. Joan Antida High School (10)

“My deepest thanks to our leaders, staff, and parents who all supported these students to get to graduation and high school,” said Don Drees, President of Seton Catholic Schools.

“Our aspiration is for every student to graduate academically and spiritually prepared for a high performing Catholic high school and we are starting to see success. This year, more of our graduates are enrolling in Catholic high schools and we have worked with all families to find a best fit school for their child.”

Students, families, teachers, and staff celebrated this milestone in a series of graduation ceremonies and Masses over the last several weeks.

At Prince of Peace School, Father Mauricio Fernandez addressed moving on to high school by asking graduates to “take this opportunity to shine bright in the future and allow God to open up new opportunities to grow.”

At Catholic East Elementary, Bishop Jeff Haines emphasized the sense of community and family that each student created throughout their K-8 education. This was reiterated by graduating student Ryan Wilson, who took time to thank the faculty, staff and priests for making school a comfortable and happy community.

In both ceremonies, Bishop Haines and Father Mauricio advised graduates to preserve the lessons learned throughout elementary and middle school and to use these lessons in the future. An education for life truly begins in a Catholic school classroom.

We are proud of our graduates and wish them the very best next year and beyond!


Reporting and writing by Gino Scalise