Transforming reading instruction with Milwaukee Succeeds

William H. Hughes, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer

We believe in the power of partnerships to expand opportunities for students. We are proud of the partnership we have built with Milwaukee Succeeds since spring 2016. Milwaukee Succeeds, led by my friend and colleague Danae Davis, understands that providing high-quality reading instruction is critical for all students in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Succeeds is a community-wide initiative uniting hundreds of individuals and organizations around a common purpose of improving educational outcomes for every child in every school, cradle to career. Their goals are to improve kindergarten readiness, school readiness and college and career readiness for Milwaukee’s children and youth.

Milwaukee Succeeds’ Transformative Reading Instruction (TRI) program is aimed at improving rates of children reading proficiently by third grade. Reading is the foundation of all learning and we understand we have get better at teaching reading and are shifting to proven literacy strategies. Children reading at grade level by third grade have a better chance to graduate high school and succeed in college and life—our ultimate goal as educators.

Seton Catholic Schools is a partner in TRI…and our collaboration is growing.

Last fall, two of our schools began engaging in TRI—St. Catherine School and Northwest Catholic—as part of the drive for better reading ability in our youth. Two more schools—Prince of Peace and St. Rafael the Archangel—are coming into the initiative this spring. Our partnership has been logistically smooth and strategically important for schools with low levels of reading achievement.

As Michael Turner, Principal of St. Catherine School, told Milwaukee Succeeds:

Our reading now is much more purposeful. This year with the coach and the teacher, we’re seeing a huge impact in the way reading instruction is delivered and allows students to access the curriculum.  We will have third graders fully ready to read and making the shift from learning to read to reading to learn. It is in the end…all about the kids.

We expect great things for every one of our students. Transforming our schools is not easy work but working with Milwaukee Succeeds to improve reading instruction in our schools along with our tradition of Catholic faith and care for our all students will drive us toward success.

You can read more about the Milwaukee Succeeds and Seton Catholic Schools partnership here: Hey, It’s Danae.