Developing new teachers for Milwaukee

William H. Hughes, PhD, Chief Academic Officer

Behind every great entrepreneur, scientist and civic leader is a teacher who engages, mentors, motivates and instills a belief in students that they can achieve their goals. However, at a time when talented educators are needed more than ever, fewer college students are pursuing a career in education.  Furthermore, changing workforce trends and decreasing enrollment in teacher preparation programs require us to think differently about a stable force of well-prepared educators.

Seton Catholic Schools is rethinking how to attract, develop and retain strong teachers in our schools and our community.  As we work to ensure a high-quality teacher for every child and classroom, the time is ripe to think differently about providing equitable access to excellent educators for all students by ensuring workforce stability for the future.

Here at Seton, we are developing our own approach to teacher preparation in combination with creative and cutting edge recruitment strategies.

Encouraging and supporting Education Assistants is our primary strategy to grow great teachers and transform the careers of our dedicated staff.  Our Education Assistants are part of our communities, have deep connections to our students and families and are often the “glue” holding together our schools. Many have college credits and want to teach, but have faced economic and family barriers to completing their preparation.

Therefore, Seton Catholic Schools has initiated a consortium of like-minded charter and religious school networks in Milwaukee, along with the Menomonee Falls and Brown Deer school districts, to build a collaborative pathway that helps Education Assistants grow into licensed teachers.  Working together, we will create a new community of diverse educators to transform our students and communities.

Learn more: Our efforts were recently featured by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.