A message to our students on the Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Don Drees, President

This morning we celebrated the Feast Mass of our patron, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, with Archbishop Jerome Listecki and over 400 of our students. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the founder of Catholic education in North America, led an incredible life of sacrifice and faith and I encourage you to learn more about her.

Following the Mass, while we enjoyed some cake and each others company, I shared a simple but important message with our students—and I want to share it here for our entire community:

You are part of something bigger than yourself. We need to know we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Each of us is part of Seton Catholic Schools, our local parishes and the global Catholic Church. We don’t all look the same, but we must continue to come to know, respect and love each other.

You are loved. As a Church, we have just completed a Year of Mercy. Pope Francis declared this to remind us that it is good to forgive each other. We all make mistakes and sin, but the beauty of our faith is that we have a merciful God who forgives us. We all have bad days and sometimes we do not feel loved. But we want each of you to arrive at and leave school feeling loved, every day. If you ever do not feel loved, tell your teacher and they will help you. But know that all of us, and God, love you very much.

You can do anything and be anything you want. We have high expectations for you and you need to commit to work hard in school. And I know that sometimes school is challenging, but listen carefully: You can be anything you want to be—a doctor, engineer, or teacher. (I hope a lot of you want to be teachers.) You need to do your part—show-up, study, read, help others—but we are here to support you in accomplishing your goals.

Thank you for reading and for sharing God’s love in our schools and community.