Seton Educators Chart Common Course at August Academy

Leni Dietrich, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Cousins Center was alive with learning and collaboration this summer. Over two hundred members of the Seton staff, including teachers, educational assistants, operations staff and school leadership took part in Seton Catholic Schools’ August Academy earlier this month. Participants took part in professional learning and, together, set the stage for the 2016-17 school year.

Teachers and other staff members became familiar with Seton Catholic Schools’ vision, mission and focus areas for this school year, including assessment, planning and instruction, student engagement, and school culture in which faith formation is heavily embedded. Workshops and discussions throughout the week aligned to these priorities. It was important to articulate how these focus areas are interconnected and feed up to our overall mission of improving the educational experience and outcomes for students.

We asked for and received detailed daily feedback in order to make adjustments to the next day’s sessions and long-term professional development plan.

Here’s what some of our educators had to say about the August Academy experience:

“These sessions were so interesting and informative. I left each session more confident in my teaching. Thank you!”

“This was a great week. Excited for the future working with Seton. I believe all of our schools are going to improve dramatically. We are excited for this.”

“I am proud to be part of the Seton schools. It is so nice to finally have hope for the future success of the Catholic school and for our children’s future. This is the first time that I have seen a real plan to help our teachers and therefore help our students. In so many ways I see Seton as the answers to our prayers. I can’t wait to see us meet our goals.”

After the Academy, our principals led a series of school-based workshops, including continued practice of the common strategies and skills we presented the previous week. As the school year starts, our team will continue to support principals, teachers and education assistants through coaching and other in-school supports.

Working together across our network, we will go further for our students and their families.