Our Educational Model: A Framework for High Academic Performance

Bill Hughes, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer

At Seton Catholic Schools, we are committed to offering the highest caliber academic program for all students.

High performing schools, networks, and districts require a defined educational model that frames the education of the children they serve. A defined educational model is the platform that drives how teachers engage with students and, consequently, students learn. Without a clear model or framework, schools flounder – teachers may be doing their best, but are teaching without a clear end in mind. An effective educational model links annual outcomes and goals to defined, proven strategies that best fit the needs of students.

Entering our first school year, we have developed an initial educational model for Seton Catholic Schools, rooted in our vision that every Seton eighth grader will graduate at grade level and ready for a high quality Catholic high school.

Seton Educational Model 1.0

Our model is a work in progress, but has been built to focus on both student growth and attainment, and has four major components:

  • Planning and Instruction
  • Student Engagement
  • Assessment
  • Culture

We began by establishing consistent learning outcomes at each grade level based on Archdiocese of Milwaukee curriculum. We also identified and are currently implementing common teaching strategies across grades and schools.

For example, Seton teachers will focus each lesson on specific objectives and utilize a common planning structure of whole group instruction, followed by small group activities, concluding in the whole group again. Our educators will have frequent support from instructional coaches and school leaders–and professional development opportunities to practice and refine these strategies.

In the coming months—through coaching, observation, and assessment—we will work to confirm this model is in place across the network and evaluate its effectiveness. Our educational model, therefore, is just the first step to improving teachers’ and principals’ understanding of how well our students are learning. We will adapt our framework as we learn more.

Every parent wants their child to attend a high performing school. The Seton Catholic Schools educational model is where we begin to provide that opportunity for those entrusting their kids to us.