Seton Catholic Schools: A New Beginning

Don Drees, President

Welcome to Seton Catholic Schools! Catholic education is changing right before our eyes in Milwaukee and we are fortunate to be a part of those changes.

Seton Catholic Schools is a new educational model to strengthen Milwaukee’s Catholic schools and the Milwaukee community. Our mission is to provide a transformational educational system committed to overcoming social and academic challenges, empowering students, families and educators to realize their God-given potential.

As a collaborative network of schools, we are committed to learning from each other while embracing local school traditions and building upon the foundation of excellence in Catholic education. Seton schools collaborate on academics, spiritual formation and school operations. Over the next three years, our network will grow to include 26 elementary Catholic schools that currently serve 8,200 students.

We believe that an education for life begins in Seton classrooms. Our team is building an educational model that will bring proven tools and new resources into all classrooms and ensure each student is growing in mind, body and spirit.

Academically, we are bringing more instructional resources to the classroom, including education assistants, instructional coaches and a data-driven mindset. Moreover, by collaborating on operations we are refocusing our principals on the classroom. They are now able to spend more time supporting teachers and working with colleagues at other schools to share ideas and solve problems.

Seton Catholic Schools welcomes students and families from all backgrounds. We serve students from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds in diverse neighborhoods across the region. And all of our schools participate in either the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program or Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. I encourage you to learn more about our first cohort of Seton schools.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.